Single Player Survival Guide - By Greg Hutchinson

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Single Player Survival Guide - By Greg Hutchinson

Post by Greg Hutchinson on Sat Jul 09, 2011 5:30 pm

Single Player Survival Guide - By Greg Hutchinson

Have you wanted to play the game Minecraft, the... Professional way? The way, where you survive the first night, without those pesky creepers, exploding your house, or zombies attacking you, or anything particular? Well... You, young sir/madam, have came to the right guide.

Hello there, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is... Gregory Hutchinson (the person who broke a mirror by looking at it) here to help you get some good ol' minecraft survival guide, dished right under your eyes. So, today, lets start with your first lesson, shall we. Now this is a picture guide, so let us begin.

First you should spawn in a new world.

Then, you shall find your first tree, and beat the crap out of it, untill you get a nice wood block.

Then press 'E' (As of the newer versions. In the older versions, press 'I').

Put the wood block in a crafting table.

Now click on your wood planks then you shall have your planks.

Now you should craft all of these:


Crafting Table






Now you shall get more wood blocks using your axe.

Then you can make your first structure...

More soon!

Greg Hutchinson

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