Marble Blast Emerald [Release Thread]

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Marble Blast Emerald [Release Thread]

Post by Ian Valentino on Sat Jul 30, 2011 1:02 am

Marble Blast Emerald

New Video:

Version 1.0 Release: ?sbq9ioki12bnwnx [ZIP] ?4t1f217t3a3b96x [7Z]

Marble Blast Emerald v1.0 Release Notes

Thank you for downloading Marble Blast Emerald and supporting the team. I hope that you did not download BlazerYo's version of the game, and that this is a new experience for you!


Marble Blast Emerald is a game full of marbles in a truly new light. Race your customizable marble through more than 60 official levels and more than 25 Custom levels!

What's New in Marble Blast Emerald?

Marble Blast Emerald comes with a number of great features, including:

85+ new levels!
Custom Resolutions
Camera Turn Speed options
Customizable HUD for displaying time, gem count, and powerups.
A "Bounds Generator" which sets the Play Area automatically!
Optional Emerald time, and Qualify time notifications!
Random Level Choice
Progress Bar and Dialogue
Hidden Sapphires! Collect them all, and beat your best time getting to them! A whole new way to play!
Level Search
Awards (Achievements)
Custom Marble skins, just add your .dts to the marbles folder!
Tunnel Vision - Can you beat all the levels with a limited view?
Fixed Camera - Some levels can be beaten with no camera rotation.
No Jumping - Some levels can be beaten without jumping.
First and Last buttons to zoom from front to back in no time!
Best Times dialogue to see the best times, and the emerald times while playing a level!
and more!

The MBE Staff List

Leader and Creator - Ian Valentino
Council Member - HiGuy
Council Member - Jeff Hutchinson

Level Team

- Ian Valentino
- HiGuy
- Jeff Hutchinson
- Marble2
- Greg Hutchinson
- Kostas
- Sonic Warrior1
- jack59splat59
- rct3fan00
- Luke
- Martin5656565
- BlazerYo
- Alexis
- w2rockstar
- UltraMarble

Graphic Design

- Ian Valentino
- HiGuy
- BlazerYo


- Jeff Hutchinson
- HiGuy
- whirligig


- Ian Valentino
- Andrew Sears
- Sonic Warrior1

Skies by w2rockstar
Main Menu Music by Alexis
Game Music by Brian Holmes
3D Graphics by Cyberfox

Special Thanks

- Cawdude
- Matan Weissman
- The Community
- idogampd
- Brian Holmes

If you find that a level is locked out of Fixed Camera or No Jump, and you have found that you can, in fact, complete it, please inform us, and we will cover it in the next version.

Please read my blog on this website, or my Wordpress for a more inside set of thoughts about the game.

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